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News We Follow: Research: Stale Office Air Is Making You Less Productive

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From an article in Harvard Business Review

New reasearch from Harvard concludes that stale air could be making office workers less productive.

'Study after study has shown that the amount of ventilation, or fresh outdoor air brought inside, is a critical determinant of health. Good ventilation has been shown to reduce sick building syndrome symptoms, cut absenteeism, and even reduce infectious disease transmission.'

Read the full article here

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News We Follow: Understanding Stack Effect

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From an article in Pro Remodeler

Pro Remodeler has been putting out great articles that we can't help but share with you! This time we are sharing some key information from their article "Understanding Stack Effect". You can read the full article here.

News We Follow: Kitchen Exhaust Checklist

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From an article in Pro Remodeler

We've shared information from Pro Remodeler articles before and, today, we are doing it again. Subscribing to their magazine has brought us a lot of really great information. This particular article focused on some simple ways to make sure the Kitchen Exhaust you install is the right one. Below are some bits of key information from the article. To read the full story, go here!

News We Follow: A Balanced Approach to Roof Ventilation

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From an article in Pro Remodeler

An article in the latest issue of Pro Remodeler highlights the best way to ventilate an attic space. Often when we find mold and moisture issues in a homeowner's attic it can be attributed to not having proper ventilation. The full article can be read at the link above and below are some key points we wanted to highlight for you. 

News We Follow: Flint Water Crisis Shines Light on Lead Pipes Across U.S.

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From an article in WSJ

A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses the water crisis in Flint and how it is making the rest of the country pay more attention to the water in their homes. You will need a Wall Street Journal subscription to read the full article here but we've highlighted some of the key points from the article below. 

News We Follow: Over 190,000 Homes in the U.S. Were RESNET HERS RATED in 2015

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'In 2015 there were 190,180 homes in the United States that were HERS rated by certified RESNET HERS Raters and issued a HERS Index score. According to data from the U.S.. Census Bureau this represents over 38% of all new homes sold in the nation. The homes that were HERS rated in 2015 represents a 30% increase over the number of homes rated in 2014.

The average HERS Index Score of the homes rated in 2015 was 62.

The six leading states in terms of homes receiving a HERS Index were:

News We Follow: Controlling Summer Mold Growth in Schools

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From an article on ASHRAE Website

Being based in North Carolina, we understand the way the weather and humid climates can effect mold growth in buildings that are unoccupied for long periods of time. We get many calls for vacation homes that have been left unoccupied for a few months and when they returned they noticed growth within the home. Schools can face the same issue during the long Summer break. This article, shared on the ASHRAE website, addresses this issue and outlines what can be causing it to happen. Here are some highlights from the article, to read the full story click here.

News We Follow: Raise The Roof

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From an article in Triad Business Journal, "Raise the Roof":

As the housing market heats up around the country, the Triad Business Journal took a look a what the industry looks like in our part of the world. The 2 page article discusses changes since the recession hit in 2007, effects on the rental market, and challenges currently being faced. It is a great article that outlines the fact that our housing market has not rebounded at the same pace as some areas in the country but it has been seeing a steady increase. 

You'll have to subscribe to read the entire story here, but for those in our industry it is well worth it. Here are some things we found particularly interesting:

News We Follow: North Carolina Rebate Program

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Piedmont Natural Gas has a program that offers Natural Gas Appliance Rebates. 

Did you know?

  • Water heating accounts for approximately 18 percent of a home's energy use
  • A new high-efficiency furnace and cooling system can save you up to $1,200 per year in operating costs

Now is the time to cut the cost of heating water and your home by replacing your old, inefficient water heater or furnace with a new high-efficiency one. Residential customers in North Carolina who replace existing natural gas equipment with qualifying high-efficiency natural gas equipment re eligible for up to a $225 rebate. 

News We Follow: Home Innovation Research Lab Recognizes NGBS Partners of Excellence

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From an article on Home Innovation Research Labs Website:

We are especially proud to share this recent news story. Each year the Home Innovations Research Lab chooses among its builders, remodelers, verifiers, architects, and program champions to be among the NGBS Green Partners of Excellence. This year, our own Steve Armstrong was selected among 18 other accredited verifiers for this honor. The following is from their press release: