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From an article in Pro Remodeler

Pro Remodeler has been putting out great articles that we can't help but share with you! This time we are sharing some key information from their article "Understanding Stack Effect". You can read the full article here.

  • Stack effect creates a comfort problem that feeds on itself
    • In Winter, the upper levels are overheated so homeowners open the windows to relieve the pressure at the top. This causes cold air to be drawn from the bottom floors causing the owner to turn up the thermostat to adjust to the change in air temperature.
  • Stack effect can leade to moisture damage
    • Moisture rides on the air current. Any part of the house that experiences a large flow of air between inside and outside will have moisture condense on cold surfaces throughout the wall of the building. 
  • Energy loss is another effect from the stack
    • When the heat or cold air is lost through the stack effect, the house will try to reheat or cool itself causing more energy to be used to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. 


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Keep it up; keep posting more n more n more.If we can make God as our priority, He will bless us more. I believe that's true.


very interesting effect. did not notice this before. but now everything became clear to me. thanks you

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You have discovered a very interesting fact for me. Never before have I come across the concept of glass effect. This is very serious information that every landlord must know for home comfort saving. Thank you!

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