Energy Saving Tips That Make Cents

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Written By: Alexandra Kirsten, ESG Marketing Coordinator

Unless you've made the decision to live like the 'Alaskan Bush People', utility bills are an inevitable part of life. These bills include gas, electric, and water and can vary depending on where in the United States you live. Regardless of where you live there are some simple things you can do around your house to lower your utility bills each month.


Nearly 6% of your energy bill is spent lighting your home.

  • Turn your lights off when you don't need them. Just one 100-watt bulb can cost $25 per year if left on overnight.
  • Switch to CFLs or LEDs and save up to $80 per year.
  • Buy ENERGY STAR light fixtures and lamps. These use only 25% of the energy traditional fixtures use.


HE Washers Save You Money.

Both electricity and water are consumed when doing laundry.

  • Use High Efficiency washers and dryers to cut down on both electricity and water costs.
  • Wash with cold water instead of hot to avoid the energy used to heat the water.
  • Always clean the lint filter to make sure the dryer is running at full capacity and to avoid potential dangers.


Powering idle kitchen equipment adds up quickly.

  • Unplug appliances you don't use regularly (mixer, toaster, blender) because these items still consume energy when not in use.
  • Use your dishwasher and only wash full loads. It costs the exact same to wash one dish as it does to wash a full load. 
  • Use your microwave or crock pot for small meals. These items use less energy than the stove or oven.

Living Room

More money is spent powering living room electronics when they are off than when they are in use.

  • Plug electronics into a power strip and turn it off when you are not using the equipment.
  • Use the sleep function to prevent wasting money on items you've forgotten to turn off.
  • Make sure air vents and registers are not blocked by furniture so the warm or cool air you are paying for reaches the rest of the room.


    Watering a yard can account for 50% of total water use.

    • Water earlier in the morning or late at night when temperatures are lower so you will lose less water to evaporation.
    • Mow your lawn less. Longer grass loses less water to evaporation which means you won't have to water as often. 
    • Switch to efficient and/or motion sensor outdoor lights.
    • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway or sidewalk and save water.

    Heating and Cooling

    Keep your home comfortable and efficient.

    • Set your thermostat to a maximum of 68F in the Winter and a minimum of 78F in the summer. 
    • If possible, invest in a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature to maximize savings.
    • Turn off a fan if you are not in the room because it only cools down the person using it, not the room itself.


    With the use of these simple energy savings tips you can help to lower your energy bills each month. Environmental Solutions Group, through our Home Energy Audits, can also help you find what is causing high costs and areas of loss in your home envelope. We will provide you with a thorough report of our findings and recommendations for improvements. We did the same at our office and saved nearly 45% in the first month! Call our office today to schedule your appointment!


    Your post and every word is so true.

    Your post and every word is so true. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. Though we know them already but most of us forget to follow.

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