Mold Investigation

Mold Testing in a Home - ESG

Not sure if you need professional mold assistance? Here are 10 signs you may need a professional moisture and mold evaluation.

Mold investigation services:

  • Surveys of residential, commercial and properties for microbial growth
  • Data collection to include airborne particle readings, digital & thermal images, moisture readings
  • Surface and air samples for analysis by an independent lab, when deemed necessary
  • Reporting and characterization of data and lab analysis
  • Protocols for remediation
  • Post-remediation verification (PRV) assessments, with clearance document upon passing

Crawl Space Check - ESGMoisture detection services:

  • Property survey for drainage issues
  • Exterior building envelope assessment to determine likely points of entry for moisture
  • Thermal scan of the interior of the building to search for cold materials that indicate moisture
  • Moisture detection of building materials using a meter in 'scan' or 'pin' mode
  • Crawl space & basement assessments
  • Recommendations on how to control moisture

Why should you consider ESG:

1) experience - hundres of properites assessed each year;
2) proven methodology - our methods are trusted by property owners, builders, school & government officials, physicians and attorneys;
3) cost-effective - prices are done on a case by case basis so a simpler, smaller house is not the same charge as our more complicated properties and samples are only taken upon approval from the client;
4) thoughtful investigators who are trained experts in identifying the issues leading to microbial growth;
5) expert communicators - whether issuing a written report or speaking to concerned clients, ESG understands the importance of communicating the facts in an understandable manner.