ENERGY STAR Certification

Energy Star Home CertificationIn order to earn the ENERGY STAR (ES) certification, a home must meet the EPA's guidelines for energy efficiency. Energy Star homes are at least 15% more efficient than standard homes, and offer savings on utility costs as well as higher sale and resale values.

These homes usually have several energy efficient features, including more effective insulation, air-tight construction and ductwork, high performance windows and doors, efficient heating/cooling systems, and Energy Star lighting and appliances. The building of energy efficient homes is on the rise--and for good reason! In addition to their cost savings, they contribute to a more sustainable future. 

ES certification is not just for new buildings; many homeowners are now retrofitting their homes through the program. Whether you're a builder or a homeowner, we can help. Our building performance specialists will work with new or existing construction to provide the required third-party verification of your building. After the work has been completed, we will perform an independent inspection to ensure that the home meets the strict standards for ES Home certification.
Benefits of Energy Star Home

To become an ENERGY STAR certified builder:

ESG Technician performing energy star assessment

From there, ESG will:

  • Complete up to three site visits that include a framing & insulation inspection, duct test, and final inspection
  • Perform a plan with verified data
  • Have our provider review the data and send the builder a certification form and label within 2-3 weeks or less


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