Duke Rebates with ESG

ESG is proud to be a participating Rater for the Duke Energy Residential New Construction (RNC) Program. This program provides incentives to builders up to $9,000 per home. Incentives help builders install high-wuality updgrades that impact electrical energy efficiency. Your homeowners will also save money every month as well as being more comfortable thanks to a tighter builder envelope, better insulation levels, increased HVAC and hot water efficiences, and improved lighting efficiency. 

Participating is easy! Here are the simple steps:

  1. Talk to a participating HERS Rater (that's us!). We will evaluate your current plans and specifications, develops upgrade options, project your rebates, and process rebate applications on your behalf.
  2. Sign up at www.duke-energy.com/rncbuilder. You can participate with all of your homes or just choose which ones you want. 
  3. Implement a set of upgrades that comply with the HERO code. ESG can help you decide the set of upgrades that will maximize your incentives. The program requires that all homes achieve 4 ACH50 on blower door testing and 4% duct leakage (LTO) on duct blaster testing. All ENERGY STAR homes already achieve this as part of the EPA requirements. All rebates are based on kWh savings.
  4. Get verified. ESG will inspect your home at least 2 times in the building process: during rough-in and at final. After HERO compliance is confirmed at final, we will submit the needed documentation to the program. 
  5. Get paid! After ESG submits a home for the incentive process, the program will review the documentation. Builders receive incentive checks in the mail within 4-6 weeks from submission date. 

You can read more about the program here or contact ESG today for more information!